Place your products anywhere you want.

Create high-quality 3D product views and show them in Augmented & Virtual Reality.

A cloud-based platform, built to be
the perfect fit for any company process

Optimize your process

Save time and money by standardizing your prototyping and development processes with virtual models.

Boost your sales

Bring all your products to your customers and show them in real-time 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – in any environment.

Pimp your marketing

Show, explain and share your virtual products with anyone around the world and measure your success through analytics.

Going from your 3D files to high-fidelity
AR & VR applications in no time

Our VUFRAME® Platform simplifies the process of uploading and converting 3D models to save you and your team a lot of time when creating your new presentation views.

Preview uploaded products and share it with one click to all your customers

Share your products

Look at your product from every angle. Browse through your entire collection.

Explore your collection

Let costumers ‘try on’ any product – right were they need them.

Explore your collection

The most effective product
presentation on the market

The VUFRAME® SmartVu®
Combine innovative technologies like 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality easily with your traditional content like images, videos or Related Products. Present, explain and sell all your products smoothly, clearly and powerfully – with a ‘wow-effect’. All in one package.

1. Upload files

Upload your 3D material to our cloud-based CMS. Our platform automatically converts it to our own file format which allows data compression up to 8 % of the original file size.

Why you should have it

  • Photorealistic interactive image
  • 100 % secure and non-reverse engineerable
  • Files are automatically optimized and encrypted

2. Create SmartVu®

As the result you get a new view called the SmartView™. You can enrich it with images, videos or PDFs and then build your own App and publish it.

Why it‘s so clever

  • Web-based CMS
  • Media library with Asset Management
  • One-click, cross-platform publishing
  • Roles and permission management

3. Show & Share

Let customers place your entire collection anywhere in their environment. Use configuration options like changing color, shape or size.

Why you‘ll love it

  • Works on any device and OS
  • A single app for all content
  • Photorealistic rendering in real time 3D
  • Easily customize and update apps online

The platform works for any product.
Just put your files in and showcase.

Build your own App!

Choose from one of our pre-made templates, set your own color and logo branding, put your all your products in categories and let customers browse through your entire collection. No developer or agency needed.
Works on all platforms and systems

It‘s time to get you started.

More than 70 companies worldwide already using our [email protected] platform.

You still have questions?
We’re here to help!

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