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Smart product visualizations

SmartVu® is a smart, interactive 3D visualization to show & demo your products with – anywhere & anytime.


SmartVu® revolutionizes sales and marketing

We deliver realistic 3D visualizations of your products - quickly and easily

Digital product visualizations are an efficient tool for sales and marketing!

Our visualizations - called SmartVu® - are interactive and dynamic and immediately available for all your channels:

● For trade fairs
● in discussions with customers
● on your own website and much more.


Anyone can use SmartVu®!

SmartVu® is easy to use and created with just one click - no programming skills are required. 


Use SmartVu® everywhere!

By compressing your data to a minimum, we enable the use and integration of your product visualizations on all devices and systems.

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Your data is safe with us!

By optimizing your data, we simultaneously make it secure and "non-reverse engineerable".


Photo-realistic 3D, augmented reality and virtual reality product visualizations.

Traditional visualization

    Static single views
    Elaborate animation films
    Lengthy process
    Not future-proof

Interactive Visualization

    Interactive & dynamic
    Versatile in use
    Manage and maintain online
    Always the latest format available

Application examples

WebAR im Online Shop und auf der Webseite

Integrate products in the online shop and on the website

With iFrame and WebAR, SmartVu's® can also be integrated in the browser on the site or in the online shop. The customer can thus get a realistic picture of the product before buying and test it in AR.


Product configurations for field service & retail

With a digital product configurator, you have your entire portfolio with you at all times! In this way, product variants, colors and components in the field or in retail can be adapted directly to the wishes of the customer.

AR Social Media Kampagnen

Social media campaigns and advertisements with a "wow factor"

Visually appealing and interactive product views help customers to find out more about the product quickly and easily. Online content can also be supported with a link to SmartVu® or renderings from the 3D model.

Produktpräsentation im Home Office

Customer appointments in the home office via screen sharing

Show your products in the home office in life size via screen sharing in 3D and augmented reality. SmartVu® can be easily shared in the online meeting, placed directly in the room and integrated into the product presentation.

Virtual Showroom

Virtual showroom for trade fairs and exhibitions online

Whether as a replacement for canceled trade fairs or in addition to the physical stand - trade fairs and exhibitions can also be made accessible online via a virtual showroom. This not only increases the range, it is also remembered for longer.

WebAR Google Suche

Make Google search results exciting with WebAR

With the help of 3D and augmented reality search results, users can view the 3D visualizations of your products directly from Google search results.

What makes SmartVu® so special

SmartVu® takes product visualization to a whole new level!

SmartVu® at a glance:

  • Interactive product views in 3D, augmented reality and virtual reality

  • media

    Sidebar with all product information in the form of texts, images, videos, PDFs, buttons, etc.

  • SmartVu® is available on all devices. Whether smartphone, tablet, in the browser, on Android, iOS or Windows.

Functions and benefits

Photos & annotation

Take a photo of the virtual product in the real installation situation and annotate it directly on the tablet!

Just send it

With one click you can send SmartVu's® directly to customers and interested parties during a conversation - including call statistics.

Screen sharing

The Vuframe® app can be transmitted to screens and projectors via WLAN or an adapter.

SmartVu® modular system

We design your products to be even more interactive with, for example, hotspots, animations, virtual exploded views or options and configuration options.

Safe & protected

We design your products to be even more interactive with, for example, hotspots, animations, virtual exploded views or options and configuration options.

User administration

Simply invite employees who should have access to the app via the easy-to-use administration interface.


Use SmartVu® in a team - each employee only sees what he should see thanks to the role and rights management.

Offline availability

All contents of the SmartVu's® only have to be downloaded once and can then be called up as often as required - even without an active Internet connection

Web-based editor

The user-friendly administration interface (" Vuframe® Studio ") can be called up via any modern web browser.

These companies already rely on visualizations with Vuframe®

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Palfinger AG Kundenlogo

Present products virtually and inspire customers

Digital product visualizations help you to present products anytime and anywhere - without a lot of effort and high transport costs.

Visualization makes information concrete, tangible and facilitates the customer's purchase decision. Integrate your designs into your product presentation on the website or bring your products to life in augmented reality. In contrast to an image or video, 3D product visualization offers countless presentation options - no matter how big, heavy or bulky your products are.


Visualization examples

Vuframe® already works with many companies that have visualized products as SmartVu®.

And this is how it works

High-quality, interactive product visualizations in just a few steps

Your options

Option A

Creation of the visualization from CAD / 3D data

Create SmartVu's® from existing data yourself or have it created with just a few clicks.

Von CAD zu 3D

We visualize your products at lightning speed on the basis of CAD / 3D data that you provide to us. 

All common CAD & 3D data formats are compatible - including a free data review using one of your products as an example.

from 249 € / Product

Option B

3D modeling of your product by experts

We would be happy to visualize your products for you and create interactive 3D models for you.

Produktvisualisierung in 3D

If you do not yet have any CAD / 3D data, we will create 3D models for you based on product photos and 2D product drawings.

You are in good hands with our team with many years of experience in the field of 3D design.

Price on request

"Virtual" is just the beginning

SmartVu® can be created in different expansion stages and variants as required.

Possible expansion stages:

  • Material and product configuration

  • Hotspots & product dimensions

  • Animations & exploded views, and much more.


With just a few clicks, your product visualization will land exactly where it will bring you the most ...

  • Illustration

    Amazon Marketplace

  • Illustration


  • Illustration


  • Illustration


  • Sketchfab


  • Illustration


  • Illustration


  • Illustration


  • Typo3


  • Shopify


  • Illustration


  • Alibaba


... or via iFrame or embed links on landing pages and much more.

Your advantages in product visualization with Vuframe®

3D, AR & VR

With our modular system you never rely on the wrong technology: with Vuframe your project is automatically compatible with all technologies!


Vuframe eliminates all technical entry barriers - the first result for a project is available within a few days.


We bring 5+ years of experience in augmented reality and virtual reality to the table - you and your projects benefit from this.

all devices

Vuframe makes your vision work on all devices: on Android. iOS, Windows, on smartphones, tablets, headsets - new and old devices at the same time.


Scale the project team to global use with just a few clicks - and follow the adaptation live on our dashboard.

transparent costs

A fixed amount per year with clear services - maintenance & updates included. Budgeting is fun for everyone!

Get started now!

Arrange a free appointment and we will briefly introduce ourselves and our products and services.