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The platform for smart 3D visualizations

The Vuframe® 3D Cloud Platform enables smart, digital product visualizations for your sales department and your customers.

Vuframe Platform
CAD Datei

Aura 3D™

Automatic CAD / 3D visualization

Optimizing CAD / 3D data for hours becomes as easy as uploading a video with Vuframe. 

Vuframe makes CAD / 3D files small, pretty and safe with one click! Simply upload a common CAD / 3D file - the rest will happen automatically!

All uploaded files are optimized, reduced & encrypted. We automatically create a "smart" material mapping so that every model looks instantly photorealistic.

*Data volumes are reduced by up to 92% compared to the CAD / 3D source file

Automatic CAD / 3D data import & optimization

This globally unique functionality of the Vuframe® platform saves time, money and trouble for every company.


CAD / 3D

    Critical to safety
    Understandable only for technicians
    High file size
    Manual optimization

Fully automated process


Vuframe® format

    Small file size
    Safe 3D model
    Can be used immediately in AR / VR
Produkte virtuell vorführen. Auf dem Smartphone oder der VR-Brille


Show & demonstrate products in 3D & virtually

SmartVu® is an interactive product view that you can easily create online with the Vuframe® platform - without any programming knowledge.

Upload your existing CAD / 3D data with one click - our platform automatically creates a photo-realistic, small * and safe 3D model from it. You can view and send this 3D model as SmartVu® with a single link - or integrate it into your apps and websites.

*Data volumes are reduced by up to 92% compared to the CAD / 3D source file

Produkte virtuell vorführen. Auf dem Smartphone oder der VR-Brille


Create and edit smart, virtual showrooms

SmartVenew™ is a boundless virtual space to present products - As a digital sales room, trade show booth or even e.g. as a training location in 3D.

A virtual showroom is open around the clock and invites your customers to find out about your company online on their own, discover new products or get a realistic overview of your product range. 

With the Vuframe® platform, virtual events and exhibitions can be easily planned and implemented.

Vuframe® Sales App

White-label Apps & Editor

Create and manage your own apps for sales and distribution

With our web-based editor, you can create & manage apps without programming knowledge. The design of your app can be adapted to the look and feel of your company.

Upload your existing CAD / 3D data with one click - our platform automatically creates a photo-realistic, small * and safe 3D model from it. You can view and send this 3D model as SmartVu® with a single link - or integrate it into your apps and websites.

Vuframe® Studio – Augmented Reality Plattform

Vuframe® Studio

Easily create, manage & maintain content yourself online

"Like Wordpress - for Augmented & Virtual Reality." - our web-based CMS, called Studio, puts you in control!

Vuframe® enables you and your team to manage content & apps yourself. After a short training session, you can operate our "Vuframe® Studio" yourself using any browser!

The biggest advantage: You retain full control over all rights to the content that you create in the Vuframe® platform.


Viewer App

Runs anywhere with one click - in the browser or via the app

Whether VR glasses or smartphone - with our viewer, the Vuframe® app, you can view content on all common devices & in the browser - even on older generation devices *.

Our construction kit is optimized for every operating system & supports all common technologies such as ARKit, ARCore, USDZ, GLTF, WebXR, OpenVR and Microsoft Mixed Reality:


● Apple ARKit – Google ARCore – USDZ – GLTF/GLB● Apple iOS – Google Android – Microsoft Windows & Windows Touch● Microsoft Mixed Reality – OpenVR – HTC Vice – Oculus

*up to five years old

Virtueller Showroom im Browser

WebAR & iFrame

Seamlessly integrate 3D & Augmented Reality

With Vuframe® you remain flexible: you can integrate your content into existing websites and apps at any time.

Thanks to WebAR, every SmartVu® of a product runs in the browser. Each product view can be seamlessly embedded in your own website via iFrame - and also in existing apps.

Enterprise platform

Functions & interfaces for the use in companies

Thanks to the API and REST interface, you can seamlessly connect Vuframe® with other systems in your IT landscape.

The Vuframe® platform brings industry standard interfaces with it: web-based API, RESTful interface, as well as comprehensive roles and rights management allow you to introduce Vuframe® across departments and across the company.

Platform vs. Single project


With a platform, you ensure that every effort you invest - whether your time or your budget - ultimately remains usable for you and your company.

Stable services and transparent, scalable costs for the future make a platform a calculable investment.

    Transparent costs
    Stable performance

Single project

Individual projects are cheaper at first glance and service providers for them seem easy to find. Companies often choose to develop an app or solution individually as a prototype.

Prototypes usually have poor UX and usability. The serviceability and maintenance costs in subsequent years are unreliable..

    Spiral of costs
    Maintenance effort

Your advantages with the Vuframe® platform

3D, AR & VR

With our modular system you never rely on the wrong technology: with Vuframe® your sales solution is automatically compatible with all technologies!


Vuframe eliminates all technical entry barriers - the first result for your team is available within a few days.


We bring 5+ years of experience in 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to the table - you and your company benefit from this.

All devices

Vuframe makes your vision work on all devices: on Android. iOS, Windows, on smartphones, tablets, headsets - new and old devices at the same time..


Scale the project team to global use with just a few clicks - and follow the adaptation live on our dashboard.

Transparent costs

A fixed amount per year with clear services - maintenance & updates included. Budgeting is fun for everyone!


The digital sales enablement platform

Introduce quickly - benefit permanently

Vuframe® Sales Enablement Plattform

Other functions and benefits

Photos & annotation

Take a photo of the virtual product in the real installation situation and annotate it directly on the tablet!

Just send it

With one click you can send SmartVu's® directly to customers and interested parties during a conversation - including call statistics.

Screen sharing

The Vuframe® app can be transmitted to screens and projectors via WLAN or an adapter.

SmartVu® modular system

Make your products even more interactive with e.g. hotspots, animations, virtual exploded drawings or options and configuration options.

Safe & protected

3D data sets that are displayed in SmartVu® are compressed and encrypted and secured in such a way that "reverse engineering" in technical construction plans is not possible.

User administration

Simply invite employees who should have access to the app via the easy-to-use administration interface.


Use SmartVu® in a team - each employee only sees what he should see thanks to the role and rights management.

Offline availability

All contents of the SmartVu's® only have to be downloaded once and can then be called up as often as required - even without an active Internet connection.

Web-based editor

The user-friendly administration interface (" Vuframe® Studio ") can be called up via any modern web browser.