The Vuframe Platform is super-charged by the most innovative technologies and content on the planet.

As a Vuforia Preferred Developer we have access to the latest iterations of the software which you can benefit from immediately when using “Build your App”.


3D Punks turns floor plans into 3D models. “Build your App” is 100% compatible with 3D Punks content. Our platform can seamlessly import these highly interactive models across all devices.

Spotscale’s high-resolution real world scans of buildings and landscapes can be imported for “Build your App”. Your app will include Spotscale’s close-to-reality models and you have them with you where you go – even offline.

Archilogic’s interactive, fast-processed and cloud-based 3D models match perfectly with “Build your App”. The result is a rapid time-to-market 3D interior that works seamlessly on desktop, mobile and web.

Beyond Visual creates photo-realistic visuals, fly-through animations and interactive panoramas. These cost-effective and rapid time-to-market realtime visualisations can be used with Vuframe’s “Build your App”.

Need to upgrade your VR app powered by Vuframe? Holodeck 4.0 offers experiences for up to 100 users simultaneously in large areas.

Show it 360 provides innovative services in the area of indoor visualisation and navigation including 3D capturing for construction and real estate. 100% compatible with “Build your App”.

FairFleet offers drone photography and inspections for engineers, architects and real estate managers from independent pilots. Any drone image or movie from Fair Fleets global pilot network can be plugged into Vuframe’s “Build your App” seamlessly.

Studiolux provides 3D visualisation services with a special focus on architecture and graphic design. Their high-class elaborated models fit perfectly with “Build your App”.

Juwl provides innovative solutions in the area of interactive holographic Illusion & 3D live rendering running on apps powered by Vuframe.

High quality virtual reality 3D for your phone made in Germany. Works with all available Android and iOS applications built by Vuframe technology.

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