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Virtual Product Demos, Product Configurators, Augmented & Virtual Reality Browsers, Virtual Tours & Maps.

Immersive Content

Vuframe supports 360 Photo or Video and 3D or CAD content from many sources: upload files, import links, or create and curate content directly in the dashboard. All these things are referred to as immersive content or immersive files.

Virtual Views™

A Virtual View™ combines multiple immersive files and adds interaction and context. Virtual Views™ are self-contained and can be shared stand-alone or added to many Micro Apps™ at the same time.

Meta Files

Upload meta files such as PDFs, images, floor plans, blueprints, brochures, presentations, flyers and many more. Use meta files to enrich your Virtual Views™ with information and interaction.


Store your immersive content and meta files in folders. Any item stored in a folder is available across the whole project. Folders can be tagged.

Micro Apps™

Combine Virtual Views™ in Micro Apps™ to offer rich, interactive tours and catalogs or configurators. Add pages to your Micro Apps™ and setup your own navigation – which works out of the box even in AR and VR.


Create pages like image galleries, maps, contact forms or your own navigation and cover page. Vuframe offers many Templates online. It only takes seconds to setup a new page and quickly connect your existing Files and Virtual Views™ to it.

What content do I need?

You should already have some files available to get started. Check out the list of supported tools and formats:

Realtime 3D

OBJ, FBX, Collada. Unity 3D, Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, and many more.

360 Media & Panotours

Kolor Panotour Project files or exported tours (ZIP files) as well as krpano-created Panotours work. Upload raw 360 Image and Video directly as JPG or PNG files.


Upload DXF, IFC and 3DS files via the Vuframe Plugin available for Unity 3D. Sketchup support coming soon.

CGI Source Files

OBJ, FBX, Collada. Unity 3D, Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, and many more. Upload via the Vuframe Plugin available for Unity 3D.

Professional Publishing & Integration


Vuframe offers Templates to quickly setup Pages, Virtual Views™ and Micro Apps™ for many use case or design ideas. Templates are pre-populated with content and files – you can try them directly on any device and once you found the perfect one just have to add your own content to it.

Standalone Apps

Micro Apps™ can be published as Standalone Apps. A Standalone App will have its own icon and name and will be delivered to you as a standalone package file for each operating system. You can share or publish your Standalone App on any app store in your own name.


Integrations are third-party services which can be connected to Standalone Apps. Integrations make it easy to embed and connect Vuframe Standalone Apps into existing IT landscapes. Examples: Google Analytics, Vuforia, WordPress, Sales Force.


Create & manage multiple projects to separate and organize your files and Virtual Views™. Invite collaborators to projects and assign them specific roles to restrict access. You can move folders and other things freely between all Projects you have access to.

Platforms & Devices

Everything created on Vuframe can be shared to many different devices running many different operating systems. The Platforms Vuframe supports include Android, iOS, PC and Mac. Supported Devices are any that are compatible with these platforms, including GearVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Multitouch Screens, and Google Cardboard and Daydream.


Addons are available for Standalone Apps and provide app-wide functionalities. Example: Bookmark Manager, Screen Annotations, Gamification & Guided Tours, per-app User Management, Login & Registration, Password-protected access.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Virtual Views™

What is a Virtual View™?

A Virtual View™ is a user-friendly and fun way to discover products, places, and designs in a totally new way. It combines 3D or 360 immersive content with traditional information in an interactive, guided story. Our unique technology makes it possible to access Virtual Views™ from any device or operating system – even very old ones.

Can I create my own Virtual Views™?

Yes. Sign up for a free Vuframe account and start uploading your files. Create your own Virtual Views™ based on one of our templates. Many files formats and tools you are already using are compatible – such as Unity 3D and Kolor Panotour. 

Can you help me create a Virtual View™?

Yes. Use the chat button on this page or contact our support team any time when you are logged into your user account and we will get back to you shortly. 

Can I change Virtual Views™ after publishing or sharing them?

Yes. Views and Micro Apps™ will update automatically if shared via the Vuframe App on any device. If you want to change your standalone app’s (see below) metadata (name, icon, splash screens, description, etc.) then you will need to go through the whole publishing process again.

How does it work?

Each Virtual View™ is a immersive micro application which runs on any device or on the web. Micro apps can be streamed to any device via a single weblink, including mobile devices and computers as well as Smart TVs and immersive devices such as AR or VR headsets. Each device offers a fun and user-friendly way to explore micro apps.

Why Micro Apps?

Today the mobile market is established enough for consumers to be tired to constantly install new apps just to access some new form of content or advertisement. We have developed the Vuframe Micro App Plattform to offer consumers and businesses a way to quickly distribute content to many different types of devices and thus reach 100% audience.

About the Vuframe App

What is the Vuframe App?

The Vuframe App is a fun and user-friendly way to access Virtual Views™ – just like the YouTube app is a viewer for YouTube videos. You can use the Vuframe App to view anything you create online using Vuframe. It’s also a tool to view all your drafts while you are working on them – just download the app and login using your Vuframe Account.

Do I need to use the Vuframe App?

No. If you are a publisher on Vuframe you can use the Vuframe App to quickly preview your work-in-progress Virtual View™. You can choose to publish your views to the Vuframe app or publish it as a Standalone app completely white-label.

Will Vuframe work on new Hardware and Software?

We will continuously extend the reach of our platform. Our goal is to support 100% of immersive and non-immersive devices. Once we support a new device or operating system your Virtual Views™ are immediately accessible there as well at no additional cost.

Does Vuframe support Microsoft Hololens / Google Glass / Fancy Device X?

We plan to support every device that reaches maturity and significant adoption in the real world. We will not support prototype devices. The minimum requirement is full CE certification.

About Publishing Options and Standalone Apps

Can I publish a Virtual View™ as a Standalone App?

Yes. You can create a Standalone App through the dashboard from any Micro App™ you have created previously. Standalone Apps are completely white label. You will receive the EXE, IPA or APK file – depending on which operating systems you enable for your standalone app. 

Can I publish apps on my own iTunes Connect or Google Play account?

Yes, you can publish Standalone apps on your own iTunes Connect and Google Play account.

Does Vuframe develop custom-made apps?

No. The idea behind Vuframe is to provide you with a toolbox to build your Virtual Views™ yourself and then, optionally, publish them as Standalone Apps. We simply provide you with the tools to do so. However, if you need professional help with your app you can contact us directly.

Where can I find analytics for my apps and views?

You can signup for a free Google Analytics or Mixpanel account and add the respective Integration to your app. If your app is published to an app store login to your iTunes Connect or Google Play account to find analytics for your app.

What about the Source Code?

Vuframe grants you a license to use and modify your app but only when used with the Vuframe system. Your app can not operate without the Vuframe backend. On this basis, you can not own or move the source code.

Is there any Vuframe branding or ads in my Standalone Apps?


About Paid Accounts & Fees

How long are your contracts?

You can choose to pay monthly or yearly for Vuframe’s services. You can start and stop at any time.

Are there any third-party costs?

Yes, if you want to publish your Standalone App on Google Play you need your own Google Play Developer Account. Setting up a Google Play Developer Account is a $25 one-time fee.

If you want to publish your app on iTunes Connect you need to enroll your account to the iOS developer program. The annual cost for the iOS program is $99.

Can I become a reseller for Vuframe?

There are no reseller accounts available in Vuframe. You can, of course, build apps for your customers as much as you like with our regular accounts. We are happy to list you as a featured partner if you are very good at it.

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