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Online CMS & App Editor

Login to your web-based dashboard and upload any file, document or any type of immersive content, such as 3D models, laser scans, web links, 360 photos and videos.

Online Editor

The Vuframe platform is cloud-based with a web-based interface. It is the only platform that supports self-service creation of AR, VR and 3D experiences.

Instant Preview

Our platform is a self-service enabling you to create content online and instantly preview it on any device. Only pay for a public or private release to your team, clients or other stakeholders. No strings attached.

Professional Publishing

Share your content to any device – with a single click. Create stand-alone, native apps with integration of 3rd party products and services. Distribute your white-label App via App Stores or in a closed loop.

Create & Publish in 3 Steps

With Vuframe you can ingest many types of files and online content and publish it to many types of devices and formats in one go.

Use existing Tools

Continue to use your professional tools, like Unity 3D, Kolor, Krpano, Sketchfab and Matterport. Upload local files, documents, movies, and images. Import links from Youtube or any other place on the web.

Apps for your Business

Corporate apps, digital marketing brochures or a sales tool – all it takes is a simple CMS. Within minutes you can have an app that is highly professional, featuring the very content you want to share with the world.

Many Technologies, No Programming

Combine AR, VR, 3D and 360 imagery in experiences and apps. It can be viewed with Google Cardboard, Samsung GearVR, and others – as well as Augmented Reality Software like Vuforia.

Build Apps and Tell Stories

Open up a brand new world of unseen immersive experiences to businesses and consumers.

All your content in one App

Publish panorama images, movies, documents, 3D models, drone-captured footage, Virtual Reality environments, interactive 360 tours.

Available everywhere

View your content on smartphones, tablets, PC and Mac. Access everything on the go, even offline. Powered by the free Vuframe App.

Free or Pay-as-You-Go

Pay as you go for our off-the-rack templates which neither require tech or coding resources nor R&D effort or risk for the user.

Supported Devices

Your apps run on all devices supported by Vuframe.





Android Phone


Android Tablet

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Google Cardboard




Supported Platforms and Formats

Create stand-alone, native apps with integration of third-party products and services.




Sketchfab Copy 3

Unity 3D

Unity Copy



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