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Find all you ever wanted to know about VUFRAME®. We will update the FAQ constantly.


What is VUFRAME® Platform?

With VUFRAME® we enable you to visualize your product in 3D, AR & VR – out of 3D or CAD data. Simply integrate VUFRAME® Platform into your own processes on an OEM-basis. Our platform can be seen as process interface and consists of several components. Let’s have a look at it:

Aura™ Uploader imports and transforms many file types (such as FBX, OBJ, C4D …)  into photorealistic and interactive 3D product images that can also be viewed in AR and VR. It works automatically, maintains files independently and also recognizes image and video files. Our newest development, Aura™ Magic3D, transforms 2D Floorplans into a 3D floorplan and virtual tour. Aura™ Pipeline is an automated file conversion for the 3D and CAD world. Import, convert, optimize and store any number of files on one go.

VUFRAME® Studio is a web-based editor and dashboard to access and manage SmartVu’s® and other VUFRAME® functionalities. Manage your 3D assets and your traditional content (like brochures, catalogues or videos) at the same time – all in the cloud.

VUFRAME® Studio also includes VUFRAME® App Editor with which you can create and manage apps for your team or your customers online. Share and upload your apps with a single click – even to the official app stores (Google Play Store & Apple App Store).

What is SmartVu®?

 is a digital, interactive and virtual product view that can be created for any product.

Think of your favourite sofa for your new apartment. It would be great to know if it fits or which color looks best, wouldn’t it?  We enable your customers to look at the Virtual Twin of the product from every single angle – in 3D, Augmented and Virtual Reality, in miniature or life-size.

All presentation modes (3D, AR, VR) are visible in one single presentation view (SmartVu®). SmartVu® is easily enriched with product information like measurements, prices, images or videos. Integrate your website or any other links in the sidebar – it opens via in-app-browser which minimises user bounce rate. With one click, every SmartVu® can be shared easily via link. Just like this:

SmartVu’s® are easily created with VUFRAME® Studio. Sign up and start your free trial.

Give it a try: Simply download our App via Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and browse our demo content.

What are the use cases for SmartVu®?

can be implemented in all corporate departments – sales, marketing, business development, HR and so on.

Imagine interactive infotainment at your booth, selfie areas or virtual print material. A virtual tour empowers your customers to walk through their future apartment without the need of it being built. Have a look at a real estate project – Erlanger Höfe – visualised with VUFRAME® (Click here). Or let your employees personalise their offices like Siemens did with an individual application.

Soon to come: Have a look at more use cases. 

Where can I get a SmartVu®?

You can make use of our platform in several ways.

1) Monthly Subscription: Create a free VUFRAME® Studio Account or subscribe on a monthly basis – we offer bundles for diverse purposes (Starter, Business, Professional – more info here). With a monthly subscription you can create as many SmartVu’s® as you want – depending on the data storage you need (1GB included). Sign up to VUFRAME® Studio and start your free trial now.

2) Enterprise Package: Do you want special customer service? Contact us via [email protected] and get the advantages of our enterprise package.

Can I use my SmartVu’s® offline?

Once downloaded you can use your SmartVu’s® anywhere and anytime you want – without access to wifi or mobile net. Please note: After updates, SmartVu’s® must be downloaded again.

How is SmartVu® delivered?

Your SmartVu® will always be delivered via link. You or anyone else can open it with the VUFRAME® App. Just click on the + on the upper right corner of your screen, scan the QR Code or enter the Share Code. 

How long does it take to deliver a SmartVu®?

The delivery time of a SmartVu® depends on the purchase.

1) Purchase via SmartVu® Store: You will create your SmartVu® or App independently – without service of Vuframe. After purchase it’s your task to upload 3D/CAD files to the dashboard. You will then receive the link to your SmartVu® after latest 72 hours (3 days).

2) Monthly Subscription: You will create your SmartVu® or App independently – without service of Vuframe. As a new customer using VUFRAME® Studio it will take approx. two hours to create a simple SmartVu®. With  more experience you will get to your SmartVu® in way less time. You can access the link for your SmartVu® independently in VUFRAME® Studio

3) Enterprise Package: If you are an enterprise customer we will deliver your SmartVu® within 10 days. Please note different delivery times for apps and larger orders.

How long can I use my SmartVu®?

As long as your subscription is valid you can use SmartVu® as intense as you wish to. When your license is expired you will no long have access to VUFRAME® Studio and therefore can’t edit it any more.

I can’t see the Life Size Version of SmartVu®.

Are you seeing the hint “Aim Device on this image” on your screen? For all devices that are not compatible with ARCore (Android) or ARKit (iOS) you can download our marker in order to show your SmartVu’s® in Augmented Reality.

Download the marker.


Is there a trial version of VUFRAME® Studio?

Yes, we just launched our trials: Register to VUFRAME® Studio and start your 10 days trial now.
Find out how to create SmartVu’s®. More to come.

Is there a limit regarding file size and complexity of the model?

The default upload size for data models is 1GB – if your model is bigger you can add more data storage.
No matter how complex the model, we automatically reduce the file size of your models up to 8% of its original file size. As we delete all unnecessary parts for the virtual presentation it gets less complex.

Is there loss of quality?

We automatically reduce the file size of your models up to 8% of its original file size. As we delete all unnecessary parts for the virtual presentation it gets less complex. There is absolut no loss of quality for the purposes SmartVu® is used.

Enterprise Package

What's included in the Enterprise Package?

The VUFRAME® Enterprise Package includes all features you need and want: Create unlimited SmartVu’s®, integrate your SmartVu’s® into your website or shop (iFrame Integration),  use all templates (e.g. Showroom or Product Configurator), use the App Editor, set up different languages and many more.

Plus: our Enterprise package includes personal support and a dedicated account manager!

Contact us via [email protected] to get more information.

Can I create my own, standalone app with VUFRAME®?

Yes. The VUFRAME® App Editor Add-on allows you to create your own apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

If you want your app private, users can download it via the VUFRAME® App Store, so they need a free VUFRAME® account. But your app is completely independent once downloaded.

If your app is public, users can download it via Google Play Store or Apple App Store – like the Siemens Campus App (Android / iOS).

There are two types of Apps: Basic and Advanced. Check out our pricing page.

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