World's first digital Christmas tree in the first digital state ministry

    The brand-new Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs is getting into the Christmas spirit: as of today, visitors can marvel at a magnificently decorated Christmas tree. The tree in the foyer looks imposing, but it's not actually there - because it's the world's first digital Christmas tree.

    Digital Minister Judith Gerlach proudly presents the world's first virtual Christmas tree in a ministry together with State Minister for Digital Affairs Dorothee Bär. The Christmas tree was handed over by Regensburg-based startup Vuframe. Andreas Zeitler (Founder and CEO) and Dominik Schmid (Head of Marketing) were present at the inauguration of the tree.

    World's first digital Christmas tree

    With the virtual tree, the new digital ministry sets a good example and follows digital trends without fear of contact. And that's despite the fact that you can't even touch the virtual tree. Nevertheless, it brings Christmas spirit into the halls of the Digital Ministry. With the help of augmented reality (AR), the virtual Christmas tree can be easily placed anywhere, photographed and admired. It is easy to carry in any pocket on a smartphone and can also be shared directly with family and friends.

    However, Vuframe's products can be used to virtually examine not only digital Christmas trees, but also any number of other objects, such as furniture, home appliances, and even entire houses. Vuframe is proud to show off its digital Christmas tree at the Digital Ministry and presents a positive example of digitalization in Germany.

    "Germany's first Digital State Ministry must also have its first Digital Christmas Tree." - Judith Gerlach

    Bavaria is one of the leading locations for digitization in Germany. The new Digital Ministry will further increase enthusiasm for digitization in the state with companies like Vuframe and sees the virtual Christmas tree as a successful example of this.

    Rodrigo Angstrom

    Rodrigo ist bei Vuframe im Produkt Management tätig.