Why choose SaaS for your 3D product visualization?

    If you are reading this, you are probably interested in digital 3D product visualization and you might be asking yourself how to go about it. And since we have the pleasure of having you on the Vuframe website, we would love to take this opportunity to explain why the Vuframe Platform delivers its value to you through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

    What exactly is SaaS?

    SaaS companies like Vuframe invest significant resources into developing software addressing a certain need or problem. In Vuframe’s case we provide a set of digital tools allowing our customers to make their products presentable and touchable in 3D - anytime & anywhere. As we are solely committed to this goal, we have had a razor sharp focus on achieving it by building products like our Smartvu, Smartvenew and others. This development know-how and six years of experience is wrapped into our cloud-based software and made available to the market through a SaaS subscription model. You can think of this monthly or yearly recurring licensing fee as “rent” you are paying for this very specialized software.

    Choosing your options

    As you are researching your options for your virtual 3D product visualizations, you might also consider your own in-house software development teams or an agency for hire to build a custom software solution for your company specifically. Things to keep in mind when making this decision are initial setup and building cost, fees to keep the software up-to-date and maintained, as well as the variable expenses associated with running the software on servers scalable to the number of people using it. The maintenance cost alone usually varies between 10-25% of the initial budget when you depend on your own infrastructure. Here is how these three most commonly found options compare:

    The Vuframe SaaS platform

    Vuframe serves hundreds of customers with secure, versatile, and realistically looking 3D product visualizations. The Vuframe platform is currently in its 4th generation and has gone through 82 updates since we first started in 2015. It is immediately available to you and your company without any initial investment and risk. In fact, quite the opposite as it creates revenue potential especially for your sales, marketing and event teams. As no programming skills are required, you can manage it completely on your own or with Vuframe’s support if and when needed. The easy to use components displayed in the graphic below are the main pillars of the platform, each serving their individual value for the various steps of unleashing your virtual product representations to the world.

    Unleash your products with interactive 3D

    Products are often out of reach. They are in the planning stage, in production or are locked away in a warehouse far from their potential buyers. Smartvu is a virtual 3D product visualization allowing you to make your product digitally presentable and touchable - anytime & anywhere. Smartvu revolutionizes sales, marketing and distribution on the web or inside of apps on laptops, tablets, smartphones and also in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality with or without a headset.

    Andy Gstoll

    Andy war CMO bei Wikitude und ist nun Berater für Extended Reality.