Vuframe invests six figures in platform security

    As we all navigate through websites, apps and other services on the internet everyday, we have learned to appreciate the safety of our personal data. The most recent controversy around WhatsApp’s changes to its privacy policy was only the latest episode on this topic. 

    For companies and corporations on the other hand, especially for physical product manufacturers, the security of their product blueprints is paramount as engineering and design details are likely the most valuable asset for a manufacturer. 3D models and CAD data of products are often the result of months if not years of research and product development, creating unique intellectual property, the underlying basis for future revenue generation and value creation for the enterprise. As a consequence, companies care deeply about how their data is stored and managed. We hear you!

    With Vuframe’s investment into a state of the art cloud platform, the company is completely renewing its cloud infrastructure and storage backbone for its online applications providing an environment with the highest levels of security for 3D data use and management.

    This new and increased commitment to enterprise-level cloud security adds to Vuframe‘s proprietary 3D data storage format, which makes sure product data cannot be reverse engineered from sales and marketing applications deployed world-wide. It‘s part of Vuframe‘s „secure realities“ initiative.

    Although we tend to talk about how ‚smart‘ our 3D platform and SmartVu® product offering is, we cannot emphasize enough how much we care about our clients' data being secure from actors with malicious intent. We‘re committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to data security in 3D/AR/VR applications
    Andreas Zeitler, Founder & CEO of Vuframe

    To learn more about Vuframe’s security platform, standards and certifications, please contact our team at

    Rodrigo Angstrom

    Rodrigo ist bei Vuframe im Produkt Management tätig.