Vuframe - 5 year anniversary!

    Back then, the first iPad was just released and suddenly there was this whole new pocket-sized platform you could run realtime 3D graphics on. Being a life-time nerd I have always been reading a lot of science fiction. I knew augmented and virtual reality would eventually be a thing – a big thing. A game changer. A disruption. For businesses as well as for our everyday lives.

    The foundation for this disruption to happen has been in place for many years. Most companies are designing and developing their products digitally in CAD & 3D. My background in the games industry gave me an unique understanding about processing large sets of 3D data and making them pretty and user-friendly. After working a couple of years in AR & VR with my own agency I realized: exactly this – processing CAD & 3D files – is the main barrier of entry for businesses when it comes to adopting AR & VR.

    Five years ago, in November 2014, I founded Vuframe. Our mission then as now is to enable businesses to show & share their products virtually – with a single click. Today, after five years of hard work, sweat, blood, sometimes tears, my team and I are very proud of what we achieved. Our platform Vuframe takes away the need to manually process tons of CAD & 3D files to make them run on end-user devices. We do all the heavy lifting automatically – import, convert, optimize CAD & 3D files and turn them into photo-realistic real-time 3D models, which are secure & non-reverse engineerable. Like JPEG but for 3D data.

    With the CAD & 3D data problem addressed we solved one of the main challenges on the road to our vision, which was and remains simple: anybody on the planet can view anything virtually they want to buy virtually upfront – with a single click. We call it Smartvu: You can see a new couch in your living room in life-size and choose your favourite color. Or, you can virtually walk through a new apartment in a remote city. It works just like a YouTube video and it’s impressively fast and user-friendly.

    Today, five hundred users at over a hundred companies in Germany and Europe use our unique & very clever – yes, I’m bragging a little bit – platform. Algorithms take away all the pain of manually converting and optimizing CAD & 3D files for a whole range of use cases – including thousands of Vuframe Smartvus created over the past years.

    I want to take this opportunity to thank my team mates and business partners here at Vuframe. I am incredibly proud of the dedication, motivation and skills of the people that have chosen to work with me on bringing this idea to life. It is my pleasure and privilege to come to work with you every day – and it is loads of fun.

    I also want to thank our customers, especially those who have been with us since the beginning. Thank you for your continued trust and belief in Vuframe, our team and our vision. I myself and the Vuframe team look forward to many more years of working together.

    We are looking forward to the next five years with all of you. Let’s keep our “Hands on the Future” together!

    Warm regards

    Andreas Zeitler

    Andreas Zeitler

    Andreas hat Vuframe gegründet und ist unser Chief Nerd Officer.