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    Opinion: It’s a brave new World with Vision Pro

    ℹ️ This post was originally published by our Founder, Andreas, on LinkedIn:

    I’m a nerd. I’ve been working with 3D since I was 15 years old and released my first 3D game at age 16. My parents had to co-sign the publishing contract.

    I switched to mobile 3D in 2008 and backed the Oculus DK1 on Kickstarter in 2012. Since founding Vuframe end of 2014 I have been telling my investors that our company will be mostly treading water until Apple enters the market (if you can call building 7-digit ARR „treading water“). Because Apple does not do tech, prototypes or experiments - they do products. Products which will eventually be well crafted enough so my parents (and other tech muggles - also called „consumers“) can pick them up and use them.

    With the announcement of the Vision Pro last week we entered the phase of the cycle where a product-driven company (not data driven, ads driven, nor tech driven company) is part of the game - and will do its part in shaping it.

    While I have some concerns about the device itself and am convinced it will take a few years of iteration to make it truely great (each of which iterations Apple’s marketing team will make us want to pay good money for) - nonetheless this is a milestone I have built my 10+ year vision and business plan for Vuframe on.

    It is also a trigger for us at Vuframe to put into market some of the things we have been working on behind closed doors for the past couple of years. I’ll share more on that soon.

    In the meantime I am still growing more convinced every day that 3D technology used for industrial and corporate use cases can contribute in its way to address the ecological challenges which we seem to be confronted with at ever growing velocities (wild fires and fresh water shortages are just a few very unsettling recent developments).

    Our customers in Germany like Robert Bürkle GmbH and Kautex Maschinenbau GmbH (to name just two) show very impressively how the carbon footprint (and cost structure) can be significantly impacted in a positive way using 3D.

    With ever more companies signing on at Vuframe I might just be able to make my dent in the universe and help leave this world a little bit less worse off than I found it for my daughter.

    This is what drives me and the team at Vuframe. And now one of the largest product companies in the world is in our corner.



    Andreas Zeitler

    Andreas hat Vuframe gegründet und ist unser Chief Nerd Officer.