Studio v4.3.52

Oct 21, 2022 NEW

🚀 Features

For our mappable hotspots editor you can match the hotspots of your model by the hotspot name you given in the hotspot-editor. This makes it easier to distinguish what hotspots you have set.

🐞 Bugfixes

  • iPadOS store page broken
  • default behavior for store page
  • pdf file cannot be processed
  • User cannot login: Error 500

Studio v4.3.51

Oct 21, 2022 NEW

🚀 Features

For testing the draft version of your apple iOS-App, we switched our platform to apple TestFlight. This allows you easily to download the app file from studio to your device.

🐞 Bugfixes

  • Samsung Internet browser recognition
  • Vuframe::Company user login

Studio v4.3.50

Oct 7, 2022 NEW

🚀 Features

Custom space preview image Find in your space-settings the possibility to change the space preview-image by yourself. preview-image

Jobs queue is sorted (updated) In the menu of the header where the pending jobs are shown, the jobs are ordered ascending in the way you triggered it firstly. In addition to that, the SmartVu® Jobs and App Processing jobs are shown divided.

🐞 Bugfixes

  • Share only for newly created SmartVu in processing
  • Set share serializer caching to 1 day
  • Work queue is misleading

SmartVu® for Web v2.0.0

Sep 29, 2022 NEW

🚀 New Major Release

We are happy to announce, that we release v2 of our SmartVu® for Web solution. After completely renewing our stack and implementing the first features into it, we finally launch it today.

Maybe you ask yourself "What is this anyway?". Behind SmartVu® for Web lies a vast software stack that is now completely revised on the inside. The door to this world of features are the and the applications. Both showing you our SmartVu® in the World Wide Web and are used for sharing or displaying it within another website.

🚀 Features


WebAR is the easiest way to access Augmented Reality. Just click on a button and view a SmartVu® with your smartphone. Easy as that. We support that for a while, but now it is deeply integrated in our Web solutions, too.

2022-09-29 18

Password Protection

Passwords are meant to protect accessible content. With our platform you can share any SmartVu® and protect it with your password. Finally you can use that feature in Web, too.


📖 Read more about how to setup password protection for your SmartVu® in the docs here!

Studio v4.3.49


🚀 Features

SharePage v2.0

The new SharePage v2.0 is included in our SmartVu® for Web v2.0 release and provides the following new functionalities:

  • Password Protection (Share your SmartVu® only for certain people with a password) password_protected

  • WebAR (Demonstrate your SmartVu® live on your phone in Augmented-Reality) webar

Formated text for app sidebar The font-text formatting group was extended. Highlight the text for your app with new formatting possibilities.


🐞 Bugfixes

  • Wrong preview image for SmartVu's®
  • Upload pdf files with large page count
  • Original file type in summary
  • Sorting pending jobs correctly

Windows Client v1.5.0 - Media Widget

Sep 26, 2022 NEW

A new Widget is implemented into our Windows Client. The Media Widget was only available on iOS and Android devices - until now. In our newest release, we provide the same functionality our Mobile Apps provide. For further information see the Feature Request.

See it for yourself:

Maschine werbefrei

The new version is available for all our customers on request. Just contact your Account Manager.

Smartvu® for Web v1.9.7 - Password Protection

Sep 22, 2022 NEW

🚀 Password Protected Web Smartvu's®

You have used Web Smartvu's® and share them with your partners and clients? Now you are able to protect that communication even further by setting a password for your Smartvu®.

2022-09-22 10

For more information about password protection in our Vuframe® platform, check out the 📖 docs:

Studio v4.3.48

Jul 26, 2022 NEWFIXED

🐞 Assorted small bugfixes

  • Duplicate item, when processing failed
  • Share API were extended

Studio v4.3.47


🚀 Features

Notification UI Upgrade

Handled notifications (notifications that already accepted or rejected for space or company invitations) were moved to a separate section in your profile. Only new notification are visible.


🐞 Bugfixes

  • Filter in sidebar can not be reseted
  • Internal API changes

Studio v4.3.46

Jun 17, 2022 NEWFIXED

🚀 Features

Editable Hotspot-Editor for x, y & z coordinates

The Hotspot-Editor is now editable on the x, y & z coordinates. This allow are more specific placement for the hotspots. editable-hotspots

Consumer API were extended Additional information can be sent or received for consumers from beyond

🐞 Bugfixes

  • User notification are sorted by newest information
  • PDF files upload are optimized for larger files

Studio v4.3.45


🚀 Features

Aura 3D Model AR Placement Setting: Floor, Wall & Ceiling

Some 3D models have different purposes as real live object. For example, lamps hanging on ceilings or air conditioner are placed on walls. In the 3D settings in our studio, you are now allowed to adjust these functionality for your 3D models in AR.


Asset & Media functionality in workspace settings adjustable for admins

As studio enterprise user you are by default allowed using the Asset & Media functionality. This functionality is no adjustable for admin user. Admin user can decide whether the Asset & Media functionality can be used by the space-user or not.


🐞 Bugfixes

  • Changing the app name in the settings is now possible

Studio v4.3.44


🚀 Features

Internal API Updates

We updated our internal API to further extend our feature set.

🐞 Bugfixes

  • Text Editor for description and multi-line text supports line breaks in all platforms.
  • Burger menu to open sidebar on Share Page ( is now fully clickable again.

Studio v4.3.43

May 18, 2022 NEW

🚀 Features

New position for Share Action Buttons

For a better usability of our Sharepage, we moved the action buttons to the left side. Sidebar is now easier to use on


List support for Descriptions

Our SmartVu's® and App Pages support unordered and ordered lists. You are now able to further structurize and highlight your texts!



Studio v4.3.42

Apr 28, 2022 NEW

  • CSV and ShareCode Images Export (customer only)
  • Export Section for specific Enterprise Customers image
  • Oculus Store Addon image
  • Material Mapping Setting -> Turn off or Enable Material Mapping for customers

SmartVu® for Web v1.9.5


🚀 Features

Enhanced Reflections and Materials

Redirect to Share Page

When a SmartVu® does not support our Web format, we now redirect to our Share Page located at to enhance your experience and offer you the possibility to get your hands on the SmartVu® by opening it in your Vuframe app.

🐞 Bugfixes

  • multiple visual and performance fixes

Studio v4.3.41

Apr 21, 2022 NEW

#🚀 Features

Faster Processing Times

Up to 3 times faster processing duration for specific formats like STEP.

Aura 3D® v1.7.0 Alpha for Enterprise

We integrated the next level of Aura 3D® processing into the Studio. A detailed announcement will follow!

Vuframe® Web Viewer v1.9.5 available

#🐞 Bugfixes

  • Multiple improvements for our lists and sortings

Studio v4.3.40

Apr 7, 2022 NEW


  • Update VR Collection Template VR-Collection

  • Enhanced iFrame Capability Recognition for Website Popups


  • Improvement of internal tools
  • Improvement of internal API interfaces

Studio v4.3.39

Mar 17, 2022 NEW

🚀 New BETA Feature: SmartVu® Wizard - Multiple Upload

In this new version, we updated our SmartVu® Wizard. You are now able to upload multiple SmartVu®'s with Drag & Drop or your file browser.

📚Read more about this feature in our documentation.

Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 16

🐞🐞 Bugfixes

  • Preview Images will be up-to-date

Studio v4.3.37

Feb 24, 2022 NEW

  • Minor bugfixes for Aura
  • Alpha for Meta / Oculus platform (VR)
  • Several other bugfixes

Studio v4.3.36

Feb 2, 2022 NEW

  • Internal Bugfixes

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