Immersive is the most efficient way to communicate something to your customers or to your employees.
With immersive, you are not forced to learn information – you dive into it in a playful experience or in a useful context.

Instead of a picture you have a 360-degree video.
Instead of a blueprint you have an interactive 3D model of the blueprint.
Instead of an instructions manual you have an Augmented Reality guide.
Instead of telling your stories on pure paper you let your audience feel them in a 360-degree experience.
Instead of building an expensive wooden model you can carry a 3D model with you and project it onto any surface in real-size wherever you go.
Instead of playing a game in front of your desktop, you experience the whole environment in Virtual Reality.
Instead of 2D floor plans you have a 3D virtual walkthrough.
Instead of texts you have 3D visualisations.
Instead of driving a car you can do a test drive with a head mounted display in Virtual Reality.
You might acknowledge that this bulleted list could go on and on.

While everything shifts to digital, the main channels to get content to someone today are mobile and online with immersive on the rise. Immersive technologies such as 3D models, 360 degree images and videos, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality represent the next step of delivering content to customers and businesses in a way that is everything but linear or top-down driven. On the contrary, users of immersive decide themselves how and when to interact with playful content and create memorable experiences by enriching their reality with useful additional information.

Opening up this brand new world of unseen immersive experiences to businesses and customers calls for content creators who have the skill, knowledge and the creative knack to make this happen. With their help, story telling about brands, products, businesses and individuals will take a new direction: directly into both heart and mind driven by the power of interactive, visual language anyone can understand immediately.

Thank you for reading.

Erich Renz
Product Director of Vuframe