More glory for Vuframe!

We went to California in June to speak about Enterprise AR and VR as finalist at this year’s Augmented World Expos Auggie Awards as best business authoring tool our founder.

In July our founder and CEO, Andreas, has been named one of German’s Top Innovators under 35.

Andreas was surprised and is more than a bit emberassed than local news keeps calling him “Regensburg Zuckerberg”.

You can read more about the Innovators under 35 list here:

This year, Andreas Zeitler, founder of Vuframe, was honored as one the top 10 German “Innovators under 35” of the year 2017 for his work with Vuframe in the field of Augmented and Virtual Reality for businesses. His endeavors to make these new technologies profitable for a wide range of companies in the everyday life has been acknowledged.

About Andreas:

Andreas released his own AR framework in 2009 and has been working in AR & VR ever since. After spending a decade in the games industry he set out to create and launch Vuframe, a turn-key platform, which helps companies around the globe to adopt Augmented and Virtual Reality in a more democratic way.