Here’s a quick look at what Facebook just announced at their yearly conference. Including some thoughts on what it will mean for the virtuality market and for businesses currently adopting virtuality (i.e. software with augmented, virtual, or mixed reality components).

tl;dr: nothing to immediately jump on unless your looking for a Snapchat-clone to advertise on. The 360 cams look amazing, though.

“Camera as AR Platform”
AR at Facebook seems to mean two things: firstly, a Snapchat-like interface for its messenger app and secondly, a Blippar-like browser for augmented content based on Facebooks own SLAM tech. The latter is going to be an open developer platform. Only thing exciting about this: Facebook delivers users. Once developers get access to the AR platform and it truly is as open as they promise it might turn into a wide-reaching secondary channel to reach people with AR content.
Vuframe will automatically be compatible as soon as this platform becomes available. We already allow you to publish content you uploaded to the Vuframe Platform anywhere, including SLAM-based, life-size Augmented Reality.
Verdict: Wait and see.

Spaces / Social VR
Facebooks approach to VR, making it social & collaborative, has been convincing from the get-go. Although there is a beta-version finally available it is Oculus-exclusive, naturally. The platform has potential to turn into a wide-reaching secondary channel to distribute VR content. It first needs to be supported on additional devices (Daydream, Cardboard, Vive) to provide any sort of meaningful audience reach. Currently you would only reach a couple of hundred thousand people with it.
Once this happens, though, Vuframe will automatically be compatible and you can immediately publish your content to Facebook Spaces for social interaction.
Verdict: Wait and see.

Surround360 Cameras
I’ve always loved OTOY. They are truly innovating in the 360 media field and I strongly believe the approach of point cloud capture for 360 footage will unleash enormous potential in the future. The new hardware and the tools pipeline they just announced seems a big step in the right direction. However, so far there’s no truly impressive demos or use cases. If you head to VR Gallery you will only find things which might be dubbed “tech demos”.
Again, this is a wait and see.