Vuframe is a Auggie Award 2017 finalist – learn more about our values and what drives us.

At Vuframe we have a couple of core values that influence our every design and business decision:

“User-friendly” is not optional

An app for us is a small piece of software you can pickup and immediately start using without training or reading a tutorial. We believe this is the core value of apps and adding AR or VR should not negatively impact how user-friendly an app is.

However, this goes beyond that. At Vuframe we don’t believe in cutting corners. Hybrid apps, Unity 3D Apps, WebGL, WebVR and now even WebAR – these are technical alternatives which would allow us to save some time and money in development.

However, as it stands today in 2017, these technologies would negatively impact the user experience through device incompatibilities, bad rendering performance and even worse battery efficiency. That’s why we stay away from them – for now – and instead focus on native application code and software-specific UX and Design patterns.
We recommend to anyone who is offered a Web-based or Hybrid AR or VR App to very crictially look at what the deal really is.

Democratize the end-user

Our goal is 100% audience reach. If any user with a smartphone anywhere on the planet opens a Vuframe® app he should get a working, positive immersive experience out if it. No matter how old or slow his device is.

Early adopters are not a relevant audience for any real-world businesses. There’s over a billion smartphones and tablets in the world, but only a couple of million are latest-generation devices.

A marketing or sales tool which only reaches a third of the potential target audience is not a valuable tool at any rate. Especially because, technologially speaking, there is no reason to achieve 90% audience reach based on technologies available today.

Enable Businesses – No coding required

For us there is no value in being another SDK like Augment or ViewAR or web-based content portal like Sketchfab. These are great tools to get started with Augmented or Virtual Reality, but inevitably require you to have a programmer on staff to use APIs or SDKs to create tools and solutions for real business problems. A solution requires deep process integration, good usability, and needs to be updated and iterated frequently as well as easily maintained.

This is exactly the reason why our SDKs or APIs are merely one of many features our platform offers, but not the platform itself and not one of our products. Our toolbox and set of over 50 templates (and growing) for apps and functionalities allow us to onboard any business quickly. To configure a tailored solution with the key users within one or two sessions and deploy the first release within one or two weeks, including provisioning and access to our cloud-based CMS and Database.


We are very happy that the Augmented and Virtual Reality industry, which meets in Santa Clara in a couple of days for the Augmented World Expo 2017, recognizes the value of our core beliefs when it comes to XR technology and has made us a finalist for the Auggie Award 2017 in the category Authoring Tool.