Benefits of Augmented Reality in Sales and Marketing

Let buyers directly interact with your products through an interactive sales enablement app

How Augmented Reality connects Sales & Marketing

The use of Augmented Reality technology in your sales pitch offers a competitive advantage without additional time or cost for sales staff or buyers. In addition, Augmented Reality promotes coordination between sales and marketing teams and improves how you work and communicate with each other. 
Not only does this accelerate the sales cycle, it also enables marketing to easily capture sales data and discover new insights into potential customers through their Augmented Reality interactions. This data will allow sales and marketing teams to create new content in the future that is most likely to engage potential customers.

Augmented Reality in Sales & Marketing

Use Cases

Interactive Storytelling

Let your product speak for itself! Augmented Reality takes your products to a whole new level, offering visual and interactive storytelling.

Virtual Catalogue

Product demonstration in real size anywhere, anytime. Using a virtual catalogue can help you save time and transport costs by virtually placing products at your customers.

Training & Development

The immersive aspect of Augmented Reality makes it an ideal tool for coaching and learning. Implementing virtual instructions allows your staff to track their own progress and achievements. 

Palfinger SmartVu®

Impressive product presentation

One of the most challenging aspects of persuading buyers your product is worth their investment, is helping them understand its use within their organization. 
The biggest advantage of Augmented Reality is that you can place and showcase any product in the your environment – immediately demonstrating value. It helps to simplify complex product information, and lets buyers directly interact with your products.

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CES 2020 Andreas Zeitler und Carsten Maschmeyer

11. January 2020

Carsten Maschmeyer & Vuframe founder Andreas Zeitler at the CES 2020

Frank Thelen und Andreas Zeitler beim Logitech Startup Award

23. November 2019

Frank Thelen honors Vuframe with the Logitech Startup-Award

Bauma 2019 mit MAN und Palfinger

14. April 2019

PALFINGER & MAN with Vuframe at Bauma 2019

Andreas Zeitler und Gabriele Engel von Siemens AG

9. February 2019

Siemens AG wins German Design Award together with Vuframe