21 JulVuframe’s new blog

It’s been six years.

In July 2010 I started working on an Augmented Reality framework called PanicAR. I had just quit the games industry and was looking for an alternative way to apply my knowledge about building stuff on top of realtime 3d graphics. I found a good fit pretty quickly: My college roommate and I had been contracted by a local app agency to integrate location-based AR into an app of one of their clients. Three months later we released the first version of the framework to Github and it has been going ever since. And, I have been heavily involved with AR ever since.

Now, six years later, with a team of 25 people working in London, in Dubai, and just north of Munich, I realised that the same thing that drove me then to create my own AR framework is still driving my vision for Vuframe today: “there has got be a more usable way than *this*”.

From day one, we applied emerging technologies to all our projects: mobile apps, location services, realtime 3d graphics, augmented reality, virtual reality, and the internet of things (actually – we controlled a church bell with a smartphone way before IoT

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